About Me

I’ve travelled around the world since the age of 3.

I am Portuguese in my heart and Spanish in my soul.

I am a Citizen of the world, spicy, and charismatic.

This is the combination that makes me who I am.

"A girl with a clumsy innocence combined with a quirky mystery that can be seen in my smile"

Back to the beginning…

I completed my degree in Communication Studies- Journalism and I have a master’s degree in TV and Cinema.

I started my career as a TV producer in Portugal (SIC) & Brazil (TV GLOBO) and turned into an actress in 2011 when I quit my job and moved to Los Angeles, to “live” the dream.

I have lived in sunny california for 3 years where I concluded a two-year acting program at the Stella Adler (Academy of Acting and Theatre).

After graduating had private coaching with Joseph Pearlman (acting coach of Zooey Deschanel), and Improv Classes at Groundings. Back in Lisbon I was very fortunate to participate in a prime time Soap Opera "Mar Salgado" before my "work and holiday" journey in OZ land.

Sydney, Australia was the place I called home for the past year but I'm now back in Europe. Currently living in Lisbon, my goal is to launch my career and pitch myself to every role I'm perfect for.

Acting is a dream I have been pursuing, so I'd be delighted to be considered for any future work.