Chapter XII

“Finding Nemo " - Fishery's philosophy

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When we stop to observe, one can perceive that billions of us remain stuck in the "realms of Creativity", merely swimming along like plain Nemo's, who unassumingly pee in the sea rather than striving into their expanded self. Many are aware that when one makes the decision of leaving our comfort zone, taking the chance to dive into whatever shape of water is in front of you at that very moment, is actually what may lead you forward towards real expansion and the possibility to swim together, as much as being able to Co-create in a more vast and joyful way.

What is holding Pisces back? Why are Pisces still “bounded to together" yet swimming in opposite directions; and what does this concept signify to you, to me, to your loved ones, to our lives and to those who were not specifically born under the Pisces star sign?

Writing as an artist to artists in general, I feel that the better we understand what it means to co-create in a more expansive and elated way, the more conscious we are about our own preconceived ideas of what may stand beyond us, and the freer we get to plug-in, tap or jump into Creativity, consequently becoming more capable to formulate more creative, broad, effusive, extensive, comprehensive and wide raging choices which are based on love and freedom, rather than on fear. The Author Julia Cameron appropriately pointed out that "Anyone honest will tell you that possibility is far more frightening than impossibility, that freedom is far more terrifying than any prison. If we do, in fact, have to deal with a force beyond ourselves, that involves itself in our lives, then we may have to move into action on previously impossible dreams". Bearing this principle in ourselves makes is easier to reach a state of understanding that the nonverbal language of dreams, which is a trait attributed to the Pisces sign, may possibly assist us in remembering who we are, and help us in finding our own or perhaps collective "logic of the soul", through imagination and spiritual practices, in order to dissolve many unnecessary and artificial boundaries which are solely created by ourselves and that ultimately result in an outcome of collective tumble.

One of my favorite Artist's way quotes refers to us Artists as being just like "spiritual sharks” with a "ruthless truth" based on the notion that "if we don't keep on moving, we sink to the bottom and die". I guess that's probably why the bewildered and confused clownfish "Marlin" from the 2003 Pixar-Disney movie Finding Nemo is continuously advised to keep on swimming to seek for significance in order to fulfil a purpose in life, and consequentially, his purpose ended up being fulfilled, bit by bit, with each struggle and achievement.

As Carl Yung quoted decades ago in the book Memories, Dreams, Reflections “Meaninglessness inhibits fullness of life and is therefore equivalent to illness. Meaning makes a great many things endurable - perhaps everything." In Jules Verne’s classic "twenty thousand leagues under the sea" we might have gotten familiar with the Latin “Nemo” word’s origin, meaning "no one". Hence I am guessing that if we keep on swimming and therefore stepping out of just hoping that life will be long and perhaps merely endurable, to really imagining what it might be like at it most joyous, fun and exciting "in between dimensions" state, it may likely help us orbit and easily travel towards a more expansive creative domain rather than bearing the hardship, confinement or grit. Regardless of so much and bottom line, one might be finding out yourself to be the "Nemo", adrift at the length of time and space.

Quoting Piero Ferrucci "How often - even before we began - have we declared a task impossible? And how often have we constructed a picture of ourselves as inadequate? A great deal depends on the thought patterns we choose and on the persistence with which we affirm them." Conversely, when we discuss such a broad subject such as Creativity, many meanings from spirituality, to lack of boundaries, sacrifice, illusion or even delusion might emerge. And this is due to us being so very "small" in comparison with this infinite and fantastic watery and oceanic scenery, full of misty and immense waves which might drown us into chaos, feelings, emotions, tears and even self-sabotage. Nevertheless and even then, these same waters of the womb may become healing through self-awareness, positive indulgence, divine bathing, music, and art in its wide-ranging interpretation.

The author Michele Shea describes Creativity as the following: “Creativity is seeing something that doesn't exist already. You need to find out how you can bring it into being and that way be a playmate with God". In this perception, one can emphasize how Creativity can remind us that linear time is an illusion, an infinite being, and the individual reality; the very source of dreams and imagination that makes millions of us around the world search for acceptance, identity, power, integrity, possibility, abundance, connection, consistency, compassion, true success, autonomy and faith. Creativity allows us to learn, to collaborate, to overcome and transcend. It defines our species and gives us the power to process thoughts, patterns and ideas; to organize them and to think collectively. Creativity brings us waves of data and information that we "exchange" at the speed of light on a daily basis, and in our lives it awakens each and all of us through its play of ideas which constantly amazes me, and which can be sustained by W. Somerset Maugham´s quote: "It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it" Creativity is this witty engine that fuels our modern world and our lives towards a new age of interconnection through history, poetry, comedy, drama, music, dance or astronomy, and which refuses to accept anything but the best.

"Be really whole and all things will come to you” - LAO-TZU

Not surprisingly, and interconnected to the subject of this article, the film "The Shape of Water" has just won best 2018 motion picture in Hollywood. Currently, the groundbreaking anti-sexual assault and women's empowerment "Time's Up" movement is now taking action on previous wounding patterns embedded over generations. The author, blogger, and entrepreneur Mark Manson, who after publishing his best-selling book, "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life", currently kindles two million people per month into reading his blog. The present times are definitely up" for "Pisces"; not merely as a star sign or in terms of astrology, but rather as a representation of all human personal and collective waters existing in our little blue planet.

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Pisces symbolically represents the duality within us all. Part of us practice to exist by finding a "self to express" (often quoted by Chaplin) which manifests itself through a singular tone and individuality, as a result of our internal nature and consequential human condition. As our other half works to remember and yearn toward our pre and post birth union, it will also encourage us to continue to express and manifest, but from an inside-out perspective or approach; perhaps in a more spiritual, rather than human form. We often attempt to forget the "bigger picture", our "soul map" and ultimately our "spirit self" by avoiding what is tangible to us. However, the same happens with the opposite side of the spectrum, with the spirit that longs to return home to infinity, which may at times avoid us to become too grounded within our own bodies, and on this planet. For those at their most limited, can even be tempted to embrace the creative world of chaos and confusion through addictions, co dependence, intrusions or ego inflation, consequentially damaging their own selves and others around them. It is important for artists to understand that creativity doesn’t solely reside on working around the clock and by being able to sweat, strive, pursue and arrive to the state of requiem for a dream; I have found as true that one should let go of the obsession and illusion of "desire", achievement, possessiveness or to even flight for its control. By accepting and allowing life to guide you, imagination can emerge and a higher spark of Creativity can flow from within. The Pisces symbolism within this article is clearly intentional, in correlation to the present time of the year, which is currently the month of the Pisces sign. Please note that my intention is to refer to the Pisces sign´s figurative representative of two fish bounded together from their tails, swimming in opposite directions. The image within this article, subjectively symbolizes this same idea of both forces going in opposite directions resides within all human beings. A particular analogy of the Pisces sign may be that essentially some "fish" may be more blocked than others, whilst some may appear to be crazier than the rest of us. Although a lot is certainly formatted through genetic inheritance, experience, surrounding environment and all of the above combined together, regardless of what is your condition, fact is that these two sides are part of us; both forces are equally valuable and do not only reside within but overlap in us all. Through time and space we all have the chance to "swim" backwards and forwards, left or right, upwards or downwards, within this imaginary line, as Claude M Bristol envisioned: "Undoubtedly, we become what we envisage."

Our continuous challenge is to find the best ways to integrate and materialize both parts of us in a holistic human form. As time passes, eventually, even at the present moment, reality is swimming in opposite directions, and the current is swelling at a large scale, which can only turn out to be unhelpful, if we are bounded together by our human tails, resulting in the act of "getting stuck in the middle" which implies that in the end we aren't really swimming either way. If we are not going anywhere, it means that we will be drifting without a purpose; perhaps lost and feeling constricted within our limitations, which are most probably already upside down, being carried for instead of actually swimming. Chances are we are already falling at the speed of light and we will continue to fall for as long as it takes until we reach the bottom. Since Babylonian times, all which is asked from us is that we embrace the parts of us that are beyond the senses as much as we bring to the surface what is wounded and imperfect and heal ourselves and others through compassion and understanding, which is correspondingly a trait that is frequently attributed to the Pisces sign. Ultimately creativity is a spiritual issue, therefore it is paramount for one to be able to have faith and pay attention to our surroundings. Stop and see them; listen and acknowledge your own physical body. What shapes do you envision within yourself and your own abundant ocean which is presently a living being on this earth?