Chapter XII

Dear Friends,

As most of you already know, I'm a girl of many talents and my heart speaks through creativity therefore chapter XII is an extension from within.

Whatever that creative "something" takes shape it makes my heart grow fond when I'm able to express my thoughts through creativity. This allows me to nurture my own creativity and make my heart dreams come true by sharing this "creative something" with you. Artist-To-Artist-In Service-of-The Artist I raise my voice, when I pay attention to the now and feel "something" meaningful enough to express to all of you, my beloved ones.

I personally see "imagination" and the creative process as "something" very blessing, it may look like drama seen up close as it’s unbalanced attributes might takes us through depression but from afar there is "something" that aspires me, perhaps hold us together in this wonderful adventure that is right here right now. Therefore making use of this "creative something" heals myself and others.

Creativity speaks to me in a more transcendental way. I see it like an ocean with a thousand moons and comets reflecting upon us. A multi-cultural platform of creative exchanges, a 3D sensorial world made possible. It’s the ability to communicate from one generation to the next by sharing signs and pieces of experience that really mattered at heat. Most of you already know that our hearts is what really connects as all in this global world as we know it today, that newsroom is dying and we are no longer driven by formula or plot. We happen to be living in the golden age of television where TV shows are driven and grow from character. Audiences come to a Tv series for a feeling and it’s this silverlining "feeling" of no translation that I wanted to share with you, us, the world, the people that still believe that is possible to create "something" That special "something" which becomes timeless.

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